Silk City Wood Pressed Sunflower Oil

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Silk City Wood Pressed Sunflower Oil


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Farm Sourced
Hand Cleaned
Wood Pressed
Farm Sourced

Directly from farmers & farmer producing organization

Hand Cleaned

Machinery Sorted Raw materials cleaned Manually before Going to Extraction Process.

Wood Pressed

Fusion of Tradition - Innovation (Modern touch for traditional method)


Strictly keeping Oil 7 days in Light Sunlight after Extraction Process.

Sieve Filtered

Filtered in Micro pore Cloths (combination of traditional with modern filtration techniques)


Every Batch of Oil Tested & Quality Check with NABL Accredited Laboratory


Hygienically Bottled.

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Ingredients: Finest quality Sunflower Seeds

Wood pressed sunflower oil, also known as cold-pressed or wooden ghani-pressed sunflower oil, is gaining popularity due to its perceived health benefits and the traditional method of extraction. Here are 10 points about wood pressed sunflower oil:

  1. Extraction Process: Wood pressed sunflower oil is extracted using a traditional wooden ghani or kolhu (press). This method involves crushing sunflower seeds with a wooden press to extract oil without applying heat, ensuring the oil retains its natural properties.
  2. Cold-Pressed: The extraction process is done at low temperatures, which helps preserve the nutritional value and natural flavor of the sunflower oil. Cold-pressing also retains more antioxidants compared to conventional methods.
  3. Nutrient Retention: Wooden pressing minimizes the exposure of the oil to heat, helping retain essential nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and polyphenols, which can be compromised in high-temperature extraction methods.
  4. High Oleic Content: Sunflower oil obtained through wood pressing tends to have a higher oleic acid content, which is a monounsaturated fat linked to various health benefits, including heart health.
  5. Natural Flavor and Aroma: The cold-pressing method preserves the natural flavor and aroma of sunflower seeds, giving the oil a distinctive taste that many consumers appreciate.
  6. No Chemicals or Additives: Wood pressed sunflower oil is typically produced without the use of chemicals or additives, making it a more natural and pure form of oil.
  7. Rich in Vitamin E: Sunflower oil is naturally rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. The cold-pressing method helps retain this beneficial nutrient.
  8. Light Texture: Wood pressed sunflower oil often has a lighter texture compared to industrially processed oils, making it suitable for various culinary applications, including frying, sautéing, and salad dressings.
  9. Health Benefits: The high oleic acid content, combined with other nutrients, contributes to potential health benefits, such as improved heart health, reduced inflammation, and better overall well-being.
  10. Environmentally Friendly: The traditional wooden pressing method is considered more environmentally friendly compared to some modern extraction methods, as it requires minimal energy and doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or solvents.

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